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  • French Inspiration
  • Old World Character
  • Large and Private Gathering Spaces
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French Cloister

Hinsdale, IL

Being successful at developing a design aesthetic that fits the character of a home while also addressing the functional needs of a client takes a high level of collaboration. This design was no exception. Not only was there a stream of ideas flowing between landscape architect and client, this project also involved critical input from the architect, interior designer, civil engineer and various village officials.

With a very specific goal in mind as to how the final product would look, a series of drawings were prepared to analyze the spatial layout of the motorcourt, rear terraces, garden spaces, and pool and spa. Digital models and design details were developed to aid in decision making regarding the front gate, water feature, pool and spa elevations, and outdoor grill center. Material samples were chosen specifically for the desired “old world feel”. Reclaimed pavers and crushed granite chip pave the entrance mortorcourt and set the tone for the feel of the design. Stained, antique brick matching that used on the house was specified for the wall construction, creating a true extension of the architecture. Smooth, aged limestone set in a standard bond pattern gives the expansive stepped terraces the classic, elegant feel required by the design aesthetic. Bent grass lawn panels create smooth, crisp gathering areas for recreation and entertaining.

Although “beauty” is always a top priority, creating a beautiful space is not always about the aesthetic of the design. Many times the functionality of that space is just as, if not more so, critical to the success of a project as the aesthetic. Such is the case with this home. The expansive stone terraces that give this design its open courtyard concept required thoughtful response to the challenges of managing rainwater and surface runoff. A series of channel drains act to collect and route water as needed. Open turf panels within the driveway offer a unique design element while minimizing the impervious surface and allowing more water to percolate into the sub-grade below. The stone wall designed to elevate and enhance the front entrance motorcourt enabled the design of a culvert pipe that directs water under the raised drive and away from the neighbor’s property, minimizing potential erosion problems down the road.

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