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Premier was founded on the principle of complete customer satisfaction. Today that foundation is realized through our interdisciplinary design approach and high-touch collaboration with our clients. And our consulting services extend to include civil engineering and advanced visualization capabilities to help bring to life projects from interior to exterior, encompassing civic, commercial and residential.


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01 /  Discover
A clearly defined design program serves as a roadmap to the entire process and helps bridge the gap between initial concepts and exceptional landscapes. Identification of the key parameters and objectives is the primary goal of the Discover Phase. We set the agenda, identify goals and analyze any anticipated hurdles. We collect physical data from the site, research codes and covenants, and identify issues that may influence future budgets and schedules.
02 /  Conceptualize
Shifting our focus from problem-identification to problem solving, during the Concept Phase we prepare a series of preliminary design concepts which encompass the client's ideas as well as the specific challenges and opportunities presented by the site. We prepare and present plans, sections, elevations, sketches and digital models to graphically communicate a variety of ideas relating to spatial organization, scale, form, function, color, texture and user potential. These design concepts become the basis from which all future phases of the design process will evolve.
03 /  Develop
Once the layout and overall concept of the site have been identified, a more refined design of the feature elements can begin. The Design Development Phase finalizes the details that will ultimately define the style, character and functionality of the space. Hardscape materials, patterns and finishes are selected; specific plants are selected to match the design intent, while also factoring in the project’s horticultural needs. Irrigation is designed to meet the necessary water requirements of each plant and appropriate lighting systems are designed. In addition, we will assemble a team of consultants to address the engineering, electrical, plumbing, and audio/visual aspects of the project.
04 /  Document
The Construction Documentation phase sets forth the detailed requirements for construction of the project. Final plans, details, sections and elevations are prepared to provide a set of working drawings that will show the ways materials, structures, and systems are built. This final set of drawings will establish the details and specifications necessary for pricing and permitting.
05 /  Observe
Acting as your representative, we will observe the progress of construction to ensure conformance with our drawings and specifications, provide clarification to our drawings, and with your approval, make modifications to the design. Experience shows that our continued presence during the construction process aids in achieving a superior final product.
01 /Discover
02 /Conceptualize
03 /Develop
04 /Document
05 /Observe
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How We Work
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Core Capabilities

We are more than landscape architects; we are curators of outdoor space.

Land is the fabric that connects us to our community, our family and our sense of home. Inspired by nature, we design outdoor retreats, spaces to entertain and places to connect a community.

Using all of the materials available to us from nature, we collaborate closely with clients to accentuate their homes and express their style in a meaningful and memorable way. We do not design for ourselves – we design for our clients. Ultimately, our goal is to understand our client’s aesthetic and functional needs so that their land becomes an extension of their home and place in a community.

Premier Extended Services

Studio Support Services

Premier support services include everything from hand drawn sketches to formal perspectives to detailed computer models. Our services range from the artistic to the realistic.

  • 3D Modeling & Rendering
  • Artistic Sketches
  • Illustrations
  • Perspectives

Land Surveying

Our surveyors work closely with architects and builders to establish boundaries and accurately map essential points of elevation setbacks and property lines to design a project.

  • Plat of Survey
  • Construction Staking
  • Topographic Survey
  • As Built Survey

Civil Engineering

The Premier civil engineering discipline bridges the conceptual ideas and development techniques to ensure that your concept can be built safely and efficiently.

  • Site Evaluation and Design
  • Grading Plan
  • Drainage Plan
  • Site Development Plan
Advanced 3D modeling

Advanced 3D modeling techniques bring plans to life.

Used in conjunction with elevations and plans, Premier’s detailed 3D modeling services helps communicate a landscape design, architectural concept or interior design in a way that is easy for a client to understand and envision. Our highly trained experts are part artists and part engineer, rendering design concepts with an extreme attention to detail.

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Our Philosophy

Every project is unique and every concept is custom.

We believe that landscape architecture is beholden to the location and the surrounding environment. We strive to create harmony with our surroundings both aesthetically and functionally. We pay special attention to the lifespan and seasonality of elements. As curators of space and experience, our work is not over until the concept has become a reality.

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Outdoor Living
We use only high quality plants in our landscape designs
Premier Case Study: Outdoor Living
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